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Friday, August 30, 2013

Tips and tricks for using an open Wi-Fi without getting hacked

It’s every man’s dream to be able to use free internet. You know the feeling you get when you stumble upon your neighbor’s Wi-Fi and you can’t help but hook on to it if it’s just sitting there without a password. But there are privacy and security risks you should take into account before jumping the gun – there’s no end to the ‘no free lunches’ clichĂ© in the digital world. And a measly open Wi-Fi could come to at the cost of heaps of your personal data which you wouldn’t otherwise share with anyone. You don’t even need to fall into a professional hackers trap through an open Wi-Fi; any pseudo-geek with half a brain and a few pieces of computer monitoring software can rig the network to take a peep into your internet activities while you’re happily freeloading on their connection.

Freeload without the consequences

If you’re smart about it you can use an open Wi-Fi without the terrible consequences. And If we’re being serious this is also important because you’re not always trying to steal someone’s Wi-Fi – you need to be careful while using any open Wi-Fi period which can range from a connection at your favorite cafĂ© to your own workplace (staying safe and secure becomes increasingly important if you’re a BYOD enthusiast). So what can you do?

  •  Sharing isn’t always good my friend

People don’t realize that the settings on their system can do more damage than any person really trying to break in. To make sure your sharing settings aren’t off base go to your Control Panel, then browse to Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center, then click Choose Homegroup and Sharing Options -> Change Advanced Sharing Settings. Once you’re there you can get rid of file and printer sharing, and you may turn off Network Discovery and the Public folder sharing as well. Also ensure you’re not  randomly clicking on the Wi-Fi options that windows hits you with. When you’re asked to specify whether you’re latching onto a home, work or public connection you need to choose public so that Windows can keep your security settings to a max.

  •  Build your defenses

Make sure your Firewall is a strong one. Then make sure you’re keeping it enabled. Windows has a built in option that you can turn on from the control panel by accessing your System and Security options. Mac users can find their Firewall under their security settings as well. You can keep unwanted guests out of your system if your Firewall is good enough.

  • SSL is the way to go 

Normal browsing over an HTTP spectrum isn’t hard to grab for anyone. Your movement can be easily monitored if you don’t know what you’re doing, and even in normal days it’s not something many people give much thought to. But when you’re on an open Wi-Fi SSL or secure socket layers are the way to go. For example if you surf facebook with this address you can keep yourself secure because of the added layers of encryption. Open Wi-Fi’s may not offer threats like keyloggers but they have their own issues which have to be dealt with.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Best Ways to Make Cash Online Sitting from Home

Make cash on-line sitting from home looks like sensible to be in real. On web millions of queries already created on a way to build cash on-line sitting from home. however within the scam, yes there are ways in which of making cash sitting from home if you're using real ways.
5 Best Ways to Make Cash Online Sitting from Home

Schemes like get long or quick made ar un-doubtfully scam issue and daily many of us ar cheated by such bad schemes. Such bad schemes earn cash from cheating people. however within the web there ar ways} to make cash genuinely which is neither scam nor time-wasting things. Let’s see the real ways in which of making cash sitting from home. Still you are doing not have any web log and YouTube channel you'll produce very own one which is free.

Earn from Showing internet Advertisements

If you've got a decent web log, website and YouTube channel on that you're obtaining good amount of traffic. Then you'll earn cash from your web log, website and YouTube channel by monetizing your contents. Here advertisements would be shown on your webpages and on videos or some time almost videos that you may get paid. ordinarily for this selection you'd would like a worthy and traffic full website or video channel wherever users are engaged forever together with your content.

For advertisements AdSense is nice choice to legitimatize your contents. If you would like some additional choices of advertisements you'll use their alternatives and big competitors also.

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Earn from Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are the programs wherever you've got to promote and sell others product for that you may be provided a commission percentages which is starting from 100% to 35th on an average. many another time big if you become versatile in such business then you'll able to earn much from such kinds of affiliates programs. The most trusted affiliate programs on web ar Amazon and click Bank.

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Earn from Freelancer Sites

Freelancing is simply the real way to make cash on-line by showing your skills and completing the assignments on-line. you've got to simply complete the job or tasks provided by anyone there and that they can pay you the set amount. the great issue is that there's many category underneath which you'll simply choose your space of interest for projects. On web there are dozens of freelancer websites, you'll begin earning with any of them that ar more trustable and reliable.

Create and Sell Mobile Applications

As we already know web is open to everybody, these days there are thousands of developers WHO ar making applications for android and alternative devices and making cash through that apps. If you're familiar with programming then it would be a simple choice for you to make one and publicize it to market places. android is that the biggest platforms for developers, wherever they need provide an open opportunity to develop their own app and publicize it on android Marketplace. If your application extremely makes sense and worth for other users then generating cash isn't tough job for you. you'll be able to either add advertisements on apps or monetize it otherwise you can sell it for a fee or a charge.

Sell Photos and pictures on-line

Yes this can be true because it sounds. you'll sell your fine captured photos and pictures on-line. If you've got passion of capturing good photos from your camera then you'll sell them on-line wherever internet users need such photos. for instance, once you search on internet that you simply need pic of nature at that point search engine brings to several of pictures for you under that might of web sites referring your pictures that they pays you a decent cash. but the clarity defines the price of photo. The most known websites from marketing photos ar Shutter Stock, Shutter point and iStock photo.

These are a number of real ways in which to form cash on-line sitting from home, that aren't only profitable however also helps in creating a decent network wherever it opens the opportunities of doing all your terribly own business.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 Tips for Web Design a Food Business Website

A food business website may offer food for sale online or offer recipes, or even boast of eateries and restaurants. Whatever the reason, you will find the tips below very helpful for designing food business websites. The design is important in this case because food is part of what makes a person’s base instincts, which are very sensitive to emotional stimulus.

If you do not believe this fact, then consider a website that sells vegetables but that has a blood red background, and dark blood clotted colors for the text. Would you feel happy buying from there? What if the colors matched that of feces, would you still feel hungry? The fact is that if a base instinct is involved then you have to be a little more careful about your design. Here are five tips to help you along your way.

1 - Make sure the background is white and food is colorful

These two work well together and the fact is that people associate this with looking down on their white plate, so it works towards building a little bit of subconscious trust between the reader and the business.

The white background will signify cleanliness

People do associate white with cleanliness. It is a cultural thing, which comes from things being clean and white, and even the idea of a virgin in white on her wedding day comes into play. Where cleanliness and the subconscious are concerned, it is good to pair the two on a food based website.

The colorful food looks better on a white background

You will find that the food is more appetizing on the screen if it is colorful, and what better way to highlight the colorful food than to set it against white backgrounds.

2 - Do not show images of people on your web design

It will narrow down your target audience because people are not yet able to fight their biology, which tells them to stick to groups that they have things in common with. On a subconscious level, when people see people of different races on a page that involves base instincts (yes that again!) they are going to disassociate (subconsciously) with that page.

People from different countries put off other people

You have to also understand that people are sometimes knowingly racist because they want to be. America is a free country after all, and just so long as people do not get hurt there is nothing wrong with disliking whoever you wish. On the other hand, modern cultural stereotypes still exist that you can take advantage of. For example, put a Chinese man on pages with Chinese food. Putting a Russian man on the page (for example) would not work well.

People are interested in the food and not people

Again, if this is a food site, then consider what your audience wants. If you were running a clothing site then people would want people, but they do not on a food website.

3 - Put things in clear categories

This may include recipes from different countries and different varieties of food stuff (meat free, wheat free, etc). This simply makes the pages easier to navigate, as people often become confused if you offer too much choice all at once.

Big category symbols that are easy to find

This is true and it also appears to be a current trend that was set up by the online grocery stores. Therefore, at the moment it is a good thing to copy.

Have link pages with buttons for each internal link

This is another trend that online grocery stores have set up which does not seem to be going anywhere. For example, for the fruit section they may have a large image of different fruit with the words fruit in it. It acts like a button, even though it is technically an image link.

4 - Do not describe flavors, just show them

Telling people that a food product is juicy, soft, crumbly, etc is not very effective on a food website. You need to show them images of how crumbly something is, or how juicy it is, or how soft and fluffy something is.

People do not want to read they want to see

Reading about how food looks or tastes is absolutely the last thing that people want to do. There is an old saying that goes, “The first bite is with the eye.” The only thing that you should describe is the smell, or anything that is predominant in the flavor, such as telling people you can really taste the lemongrass or that the cinnamon smell is very light.

Images will sell the food or recipe better

If you are looking to influence people with images of food, then pick the most well lit, bright, and clear image that you can find. Also, be careful of getting in too close because the angle is often difficult to get correct. Try to only get in close if you are showing people a food element, such as the raisins nestled in the pastry, or are showing them how fluffy the cake texture is.

5 - It must be a classy and un-crowded design

This means that you should not put too much on the same page, and you should stay away from anything tacky. This is another trend that seems to have stuck with web design, which has probably taken root because it works so well in cookery books.

Crowded web designs for food websites do not work

The reasons for this are numerous; suffice it to say that your website should not look like a catalog page selling PC sundries. You need to pay attention to the white space percentage on your web page, as crowded pages will put most people off.

Stay away from tacky and stick with classy

Tacky involves animated widgets, moving backgrounds, star symbols with things written in them. Basically, any web design element that people thought was “cool” in the late 90s should really be avoided. Keep your design more modern and keep it a little classier (e.g. no colorful bubble writing, etc).

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Easy Solutions For If Your Blog is Affected by a Google Update

Google has released a few updates over the last few years that have upset a few people (to say the least). They have resulted in thousands of websites being purged from the Google index, and potentially millions being ranked down in the search engine results page (nobodies counting). But, what do you do if you are the one who is caught by the Google update? Do you give up and try again? Well, sometimes you may have to, but before you do, try a few of these tips.

Try to identify what you are doing wrong

If you are signed up with Google analytics and Google webmaster tools, then you may have already received some sort of message telling you. If you are not signed up with them, then maybe you should. However, if you have not, then it may be faster (at this stage) to use a PageRank or website audit tool. There are a lot of them online and a lot of them as Smartphone apps too.

Be careful which one you choose because there are a lot of poor quality PageRank and website audit tools out there. Use a reputable tool/service, which you are probably going to have to pay for. Take a look at what it says you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

What if I cannot see what I am doing wrong?

If you use your PageRank or website audit tool and still cannot see what you are doing wrong, then there are a few reasons. The tools you are using may be poor quality, or you may have been sandboxed or purged from the Google index and the tool is not sure what it is reading. Alternatively, you may not actually be doing anything wrong.

What if I am not doing anything wrong?

It could be that your ranking has slipped down slowly over time and you have just not noticed. Or, it could be that you are doing everything right but a bunch of other people have slipped in ahead of you (it is a little bit like a race after all). Each update causes a Google dance, where website rankings are shuffled around. You may not have been penalized in any way, but that shuffle may have left you further down the Google search engine results page.

If your blog does have problems

Obviously, you need to fix these problems as quickly as possible and as diligently as possible. If you have been put Into the Google sandbox or purged from the Google search engine index, you need to contact Google after you have made your changes and ask them nicely to reconsider you. Do not (repeat--do not) try to contact them until you have fixed every problem and every gray area on your website. They get thousands of messages of from people who are outraged at being penalized and they have no incentive to help these people.

They are going to be more amenable if you are clearly dedicated to change, to quality, and if you can list and show all the positive changes you have made. It makes the Google administrators jobs a lot easier because all they have to do is take your domain off of the blocked or sandboxed list, whereby you may have to resubmit an XML to them again via the Google webmaster tools.

Choose to rewrite instead of delete

There is a chance that you have been punished for your blog content. A few people are going to tell you to remove the pages (the URLs), in the same way that you cut cancer from the body.

But, this is a short sighted method. Your pages may have backlinks pointing to them, and people may have bookmarked the pages, or have the pages on their favorites bar. They lose contact with your website if you delete the page. So, all you need to do is rewrite the page content and make it high quality. This may take more time than simply purging your worst offending pages, but it is a far better long-term strategy.

If your problem is more to do with spammy backlinks, then purging the URL may be the only option, but at least try to remove the backlinks first before you go to the measure of deleting the URL. Use a backlink checker to see which of your backlinks look spammy, and contact the webmaster with a request to remove them. Again, this is a better strategy than simply deleting them.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Top 8 Tools Every Successful Blogger Should Use

Blogging is influential, helpful and powerful, which is why we see more and more people benefiting from it daily. However to have your blog acknowledged, promoted and made more interactive, below we list down some 10 essential tools you must make use of, to make your blog stand out from the rest.
You may have great content but don’t be surprised when you see low traffic and an empty comment box. Stock up your blog with the following tools and we guarantee you an increased traffic. Quickly skim through this blog to help your own!

The power of Word Press!

Ok so you want to start a blog. Where do you go? One of the obvious choices we recommend is Wordpress. It is one of the most user friendly, flexible and secure tool available for the blogging purpose. Take things step by step, you may come across functions new to you, but let it not scare you. Test and learn as you go along. The possibilities are endless and so much fun!

Amazing Wordpress Recommended Themes: How to Become an Authority - Rules to Build Online Relationships Based on Trust

Google analytics:

Tools like these are a treat for those who are eager to see instant results. You can get instant gratification by using this tool to see the traffic on your blog, posts and analyze what post receives the biggest hits. Having such instant, reliable and fast data is a blessing for all the hungry bloggers who eagerly wait for such results. Oh! And here’s the cherry on top: It’s free!

In this regard, you may want to read : Best Tips to Optimize Your Google+ Page For SEO


This acts like a traffic cop to your site. Although it does cost you a bit but it’s a valuable asset none the less. Why? Because it monitors each and every progress of your site, tracks uptime, downtime performance and with that insight you have helpful information to further polish up your blog.

Every photo stock :

If you’re desperate to find best suitable images for your blog free of charge, then you need to land on this tool. It’s easy to use, can be accessible through twitter and also allows you to manage your own fan page. Try adding images that best suit your blog, readers love looking at relevant pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the worth of your blog after a few great images!


Quantcaste is basically the audience measurement tool which shows the result on real time. Now you can connect with the people who matter the most to you, with Quantcaste.


It has been the home of high PR for Social Bookmarking. You can keep, share and discover the related blogs here easily, adding richness and variety to your topics of interest. If that is not delicious then we don’t know what is!


If you want your readers to interact with you by stunning quizzes, polls and surveys then Polldaddy is a great choice. Get the answers from your readers and share them right away on your fan pages.


Sendible automatically updates all your posts on Facebook, twitter and to all other social websites effortlessly. So you can save the effort of updating your posts at from multiple platforms. This saves time, works efficiently and posts for you while you are away vacationing. A great way to stay connected to your fans and followers.

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Allen works as a Mobile application developer for Social Cubix which is one of the largest mobile and game development company in Northern America by project and personnel count.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Become an Authority - Rules to Build Online Relationships Based on Trust

The trust is difficult to quantify however it’s of nice value in business. more and a lot of professional relationships are created shaking hands online.

Businesses should produce more and more usually relationships with the neutral supported trust and credibility. And to try and do that they use social networking sites, wherever a day millions of people move with one another.

But generally isn't easy to be ready to produce valuable and long-term relationships, especially online.

I list then below 6 rules, as keywords of nice importance to stay in mind to play successful relationships and become a web authority.


Giving a business card to a possible client is incredibly totally different from presenting themselves on social networks.

On different platforms, you only want a click to understand in real time who you are, wherever you work, what are your references.

For this reason, so as to create a authoritative professional online, you initially got to apprehend that tools you'll be able to use.

It’s not enough alittle description in your about me page or on your on-line business web site, you would like much more to be ready to gain the trust of your audience.

In this regard, you may want to read : 11 Best Powerful Tips To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog/Website

Social Proof

You could have spent a large a part of your budget to customise your Facebook brand page, to make a stunning|a good looking|} background on your Twitter profile and to possess a decent looking web site, simply came out from the study of web style, however you would like quite this to prove who you are if you want to inspire confidence.

It’s thus necessary to enhance your social influence and gain trust once you address your content to your readers.

What will be the strategic content to convey confidence and increase your social proof?

  • Mentions
  • Social plugins
  • Social media sharing/like button
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • User-generated content
  • User reviews and ratings
  • Social advertising
  • Mentions on blogs and different media
  • Handshake In Business


Between words and facts there should be coherence. you'll be able to not use huge words to seem a guru, and so you're not be ready to meet the wants of your users, as you risk to lose their trust.

To be clear with an example : it's better to not act as SEO expert if your web site url is banned from Google!

Therefore keep in mind that each in your on-line and offline activities, you've got to be a similar temperament whereas maintaining a line of consistent behavior.

Lying is useless if not negatively have an effect on your complete and name awareness.

Digital PR

Contacting key people to find out from will be terribly useful to enhance your on-line presence.

In addition to the current, a brand new contact will become a chance to debate about your business or topics, in addition as being the premise for brand spanking new work partnerships.

Devoting time to analysis can lead to the creation of added value arising from your active on-line presence. this provides you a wealth of data and contacts to make a circle of relationships and connections of your interest.


You should avoid talking an excessive amount of concerning yourself, aimed completely at your objectives and goals. attempt instead to be an example from that to draw inspiration.

You could be ready to archive this, educating your users, creating dialogue and writing compelling and engaging content.

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Anyone will learn the way to use social networks, however it's the flexibility to make dialogue and build true relationships that sets you except for the crowd.

So you must raise queries, treat different authoritative blog posts, seek for discussions of your interest and contribute, so as to establish a relationship of respect and trust.

Your blog should be as tantalizing as doable, therefore make certain that users will simply share your content with the most important social media platforms.

Remember to use a language oriented to your ideal audience and if you're unable to succeed in the extent of engagement that you just had set, don't be afraid to raise suggestions to your users.


The first and golden rule I learned since I started blogging and on-line business is that you just got to build on-line relationships among your market and niche.

The benefits of strong relationships are simply quantitative, and not simply on-line, or in business, however even offline, in real world, like friendships that last a lifetime.
Let me raise you a matter : “Do you think that building relationships must should for an online business?”

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best 5 free CDN for your website

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is made up of a number of servers that are connected and stationed in different data centers. It makes online content more accessible and high performance. It is a little like the wheelbarrow that brings the apples to market, where a CDN could be described as a number of wheelbarrows laden with apples.

The aim of CDN is to improve the accessibility of your website. It does this by caching data, through decreasing access latency and increasing the access bandwidth. So it may cache data such as css, text files, mp3, images, etc. A CDN is good for people who have a lot of visitors every month. Instead of losing visitors because of the website/server being down or because the website is inaccessible, the CDN allows people to continue visiting.

A free CDN may increase loading speeds and delivery by having the closest server load the website user’s content. This reduces loading time and delivery time, and means that is your website suddenly has blanket popular times across your country, that your website will not become inaccessible at those times. Sometimes, using a free CDN is a good way of checking to see if you would benefit from subscribing to a CDN full time.

1 - CoBlitz

This service will scale larger files from a server and do it over a content delivery network. It is an HTTP content delivery network which will not require any sort of modification to either your server or clients. This is because all of the necessary support will be located on its content delivery network. You have to add certain things to the end of your URLs in order to be able to use the CDN. You will have to check their website in order to get full details on what to do and how to do it.

2 - Incapsula

This service offers security and performance and all for free. They also provide services the websites of any size. You need to make a DNS change, and your web traffic will be routed through the incapsula global distribution network. The network is said to be filled with a number of very high-powered servers.

It also has paid functions such as a security protocol that will protect you against online threats. Threats such as multi-Gigabit attacks. If you check the website, they claim that the process is very easy to set up and will only take five minutes to add your website to the content delivery network.

3 - CloudFlare

They advertise themselves as being able to save you around sixty percent of your server bandwidth, which is most likely an average estimate based upon the idea that over 50% of your content will be static content. The service does not make charges to your bandwidth either, under the ethos that every website should be a fast one.

This free CDN has twenty servers and they are stationed around the world. It works to cache static files so that the files are stored closer to the potential users. The service uses technology that will route the user to the closest data centre/server in order to increase the load time of your website. This is going to be more convenient for your users.

4 - JsDelivr

This is both a CDN and a free hosting service. It allows the users to host a JavaScript without having to pay. There are thirteen server locations (though it does not mention if that means thirteen servers), and will support JavaScript’s for things such as content management system based websites. It allows you to speed up your website by increasing the loading speed of potentially weighty JavaScript elements.

5 - Coral Content Distribution Network

This is a free CDN which is also an open content delivery system. They also call themselves a distribution network. It has a peer-to-peer function. It uses a world-wide network of web proxies and name servers. The content is then bounced around different people with the intention of making the content delivery faster. In essence it lowers the effect of having lots of people looking at your website at one time.

It allows you to publish content via their system if you add “” to the end of your page URLS. You may also create and publish a website and add onto the host name in order to benefit from their CDN services. Check the CoralCDN website in order to find out more about how to take advantage of their CDN.
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